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雅思听力的提高需要一个过程,同时要想提高雅思听力离不开考生们对基础词汇的认知和熟悉。这就需要大家平时多加积累一些高分词汇,并且加强雅思听力练习。 雅思听力的提高需要一个过程,同时要想提高雅思听力离不开考生们对基础词汇的认知和熟悉。这就需要大家平时多加积累一些高分词汇,并且加强雅思听力练习。下面津桥小编就为大家进行了相关整理,希望对大家备考有所帮助。 51, fill a prescription 按处方抓药 Would you please fill this prescription for me? 52, fill in for 代替; 同义:fill ones place(position, shoes); take the place of; take over Say, Dave, can you fill in for me tonight at the restaurant? Id like to go out of town. 53,from top to bottom 从上到下 A: Maybe you lost your wallet in this room. B: Ive searched it from top to bottom.. 54, get of on the wrong foot 开始事情就做错了 I got off on the wrong foot, and I dont have any idea which way to turn now. 55,food for thought 令人思考的东西;同义:thought-provoking There is a lot food for thought in what he had to 其实我也是研究了很久关于线上英语培训机构的事情了,hualongyey.com也去问了很多人的意见say. 56,for nothing 免费 To pay to see that movie would be foolish, when you can see it on TV for nothing.  57, get away with 对..摆脱惩罚 A: Did you know that Bob is leaving for h对于7-12岁的孩子来说,已经有了一定的英语认知shyuru.com主要以培养英语学习兴趣,以及英语基础,发音口语为重ome tonight? He isnt planning to take his final exams. B: He cant get away with that 58,get a lot out of something 从学到很多 The training program was difficult, but she got a lot out of it. 59, get at 想说 Do you understand what Im getting at? 60,get going 赶紧行动; 同义:get moving A: It looks like we wont have enough time to do all we wanted to. B: Who says we wont? lets get going. 雅思听力备考词汇是基础,希望考生们平时能够用心积累,提高自己的词汇量,预祝大家都能在考试中取得好成绩。

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