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雅思听力的提高需要一个过程,同时要想提高雅思听力离不开考生们对基础词汇的认知和熟悉。这就需要大家平时多加积累一些高分词汇,并且加强雅思听力练习。 雅思听力的提高需要一个过程,同时要想提高雅思听力离不开考生们对基础词汇的认知和熟悉。这就需要大家平时多加积累一些高分词汇,并且加强雅思听力练习。下面津桥小编就为大家进行了相关整理,希望对大家备考有所帮助。 41,cost somebody an arm and a leg A: Did you see the diamond ring Bill gave to Linda? B: I sure did. It must have cost him an arm and a leg.    42,be cut out for 生来时做的 Dr. Hamilton doesnt feel Larry is cut out for the medical profession. 43, dog tired 特别累,同义:run do外教一对一学英语口语哪里好?gaojiguanjia.com怎样选择好的一对一英语口语培训wn; worn out; out of steam Im dog tired these days. Im working on seven articles. 44, down jacket 羽绒服 45,drive somebody up the wall 让某人发疯;同义:drive somebody out oplqxhb.comf ones mind The sound of all that raffic is driving me out of my mind. 46,department chair 系主任 I didnt write that memo to the department chair. 47,dirt cheap 非常便宜 A: Youve already furnished your apartment? B: Ive found some used furniture that was dirt cheap. 48, do with 用..凑合; do without 没有也行 You can do with your girlfriend. You can do without your girlfriend 49, cut it out 闭嘴 I told you to cut it out. 50, fall back on 依赖 A: Were you able to understand that French novel without any help from the teacher? B: I did pretty well, but I had to fall back on my dictionary occasionally. 雅思听力备考词汇是基础,希望考生们平时能够用心积累,提高自己的词汇量,预祝大家都能在考试中取得好成绩。

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