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雅思听力的提高需要一个过程,同时要想提高雅思听力离不开考生们对基础词汇的认知和熟悉。这就需要大家平时多加积累一些高分词汇,并且加强雅思听力练习。 雅思听力的提高需要一个过程,同时要想提高雅思听力离不开考生们对基础词汇的认知和熟悉。这就需要大家平时多加积累一些高分词汇,并且加强雅思听力练习。下面津桥小编就为大家进行了相关整理,希望对大家备考有所帮助。 70, graduation announcements 毕业典礼请柬 Have you ordered your graduation announcements? 71,hand-me-down 送的东西 A: What a gorgeous jacket. It must have cost a fortune. B: Not at all. Its a hand-me-down. 72,have had it with 处于 Ive had it with being sick in bed. Ive read most of these magazines twice. 73, head and shoulders above 高出许多 In computer programming, Susan is head and shoulders above the rest of us. 74, hit the spots 特别好 This lemonade sure hits the spots. 75,hand down 易如反掌 Lee won the chess match hands down. 76,have a way with 擅长 Bonnie really has a way with words. 77,graon about 抱怨 How come Michaels always groaning about something? 78,guest lecturer 客座教授 The only person who understood the guest lecturer was the professor. 79, hold the gru现在很多机构都说自己是情景式教学法,caijinpojie.com但是家长们对于这种教学方面比不了解。dge 记仇 A: I wish I hadnt hurt Marys feelings like that. You know I never meant to. B: The great thing about Mary is that she doesnt hold the grudge. 80, I have no idea which wa儿童在线英语一对一排名,qingdinzhi.com怎么收费,哪个最好,我来说下!y to turn 我不知道该怎么办 雅思听力备考词汇是基础,希望考生们平时能够用心积累,提高自己的词汇量,预祝大家都能在考试中取得好成绩。

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