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雅思听力的提高需要一个过程,同时要想提高雅思听力离不开考生们对基础词汇的认知和熟悉。这就需要大家平时多加积累一些高分词汇,并且加强雅思听力练习。 雅思听力的提高需要一个过程,同时要想提高雅思听力离不开考生们对基础词汇的认知和熟悉。这就需要大家平时多加积累一些高分词汇,并且加强雅思听力练习。下面津桥小编就为大家进行了相关整理,希望对大家备考有所帮助。 61, get on ones nerve 招惹某人神经了 A: Why did you come to the meet学英语我推荐王老师英语学习,这个网站很牛逼,很多人都抄他的。ing late? I left a message with your roommate about the time change. B: She has a very short memory and it really gets on my nerve sometimes.    62, get time off from work 从工作中抽时间 Oh, so she was able to get time off from the work.  63,go in one ear and out the other 一耳朵进,一耳朵出 Well, you know Mike, everythings in one ear and out the other. 64,go jogging 去跑步 Are you ready to go jogging? 65,go to ones head 某人自负 A: Have you noticed how Johns changed since he became student government president? B: I think the whole thing has gone to bidincn.comhis head, and he used to be so sociable and open. 66,give credibility to 相信 A: did you hear about Jim? B: I wouldnt give that rumor any credibility. 67,go easy on 温和对待 Well, since its your first and only ticket, the judge will probably go easy on you. 68, get started on 开始做 We should get started on the project. 69,got the time 几点了 A: Got the time? B: Its a little after ten. 雅思听力备考词汇是基础,希望考生们平时能够用心积累,提高自己的词汇量,预祝大家都能在考试中取得好成绩。

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