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雅思听力的提高需要一个过程,同时要想提高雅思听力离不开考生们对基础词汇的认知和熟悉。这就需要大家平时多加积累一些高分词汇,并且加强雅思听力练习。 雅思听力的提高需要一个过程,同时要想提高雅思听力离不开考生们对基础词汇的认知和熟悉。这就需要大家平时多加积累一些高分词汇,并且加强雅思听力练习。下面津桥小编就为大家进行了相关整理,希望对大家备考有所帮助。 81, I have seen worse 我见过更糟的 82, in next to no time 马上 A: Are you going to be using the copying machine long? B: Ill be through in next to no time. 83, in advance 提前;同义:before hand, ahead of time Its a really nice apartment. But the owners want two-month rent in advance and I just don t have it. 84, in case 万一 Lets take our suits along in case the sun comes out.    85, kill time 浪费时间 Gosh, what can we do to kill the next 10 hours? 86, in the red 赤字 反义:in the black 87,in the works 正在准备阶段 An advanced course in theoretical chemistry is the works. 88, keep to oneself Im amazed that you still havent gotten to 0318china.comknow your neighbors. 89, leaveup to somebody Well have to leave the decision up to him. 9因为欧美外教都是来自以英语为母语的国家,hnqjkc.com因为我们上一代学的英语,发音上基本都是中式发音,并不标准。0, letter of recommendation 推荐信;letter of reference 推荐信 雅思听力备考词汇是基础,希望考生们平时能够用心积累,提高自己的词汇量,预祝大家都能在考试中取得好成绩。

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