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Carl:Excuse me,Miss.Id like to go to this university.

Han:I dont think you can get there on foot.Its t提升英语听力的方法,dnsdz2007.com三步搞定oo far.

Carl:Can I take a bus?

Han:Yes.Go down the street and turn left.Youll find the bus stop.

Carl:Thanks.Which bus should I take?

Han:No.11.You can get to the front gate of the university.

Carl:Thanks a lot.

Han:Youre welcome.

(In the university)

Carl:Excuse me.How can I get to the Classroom Building?

Student:You can walk there.Just go along the street and youll find it in front of you.


Carl:Thank you.How can I get to the girlsdormitory from the Classroom Building?

Student:Go along that street and then turn right,then keep walking for about 5 minutes.

Carl:I see.Thanks a lot.

Student:Youre welcome.

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